Create customized cosmetics for your customers, with
3 capsules and water

Emuage is the world’s first machine to create, using laboratory processes, a wide range of fresh, tailor-made cosmetics from water and encapsulated raw ingredients.

A unique, playful and intuitive beauty experience!

made-to-measure EXPERIENCE

Create on demand a wide range of personalized and effective cosmetics by selecting raw ingredients.
Over 3,000 formulations to respond precisely
your customers’ concerns.

Freshly prepared cosmetics

Offer skin care products of unrivalled freshness, instantly formulated with water and encapsulated raw ingredients. Emuage technology maximizes the power of active ingredients and exploit their full potential for the skin.


1 • Select raw encapsulated ingredients : texture, active ingredients, fragrance

2 • The machine scans the capsules and formulates the personalized treatment in just a few minutes.

3 • Delivered in an airless bottle, the freshly prepared care product is ready to use.

Effective & personalized beauty care

Emuage produces high-end cosmetics that meet customers’ needs in terms of efficacy in relation to skin concerns (active ingredient capsules), but also in terms of feel (texture capsules) and olfactory signature (fragrance capsules, or absence of fragrance).


Fluid, light, thick, nourishing and/or moisturizing textures can be adapted to customer needs and diagnoses, as well as to the massage techniques used.

Some textures can be applied while still warm for a unique experience, while boosting penetration of the active molecules.


Access a bank of active ingredients with recognized properties (hyaluronic acid, allantoin, peptides, caffeine, etc.) to recommend targeted solutions for your customers.

Emuage, with instant manufacturing, maximizes the power of active ingredients and exploit their full potential.


Natural, delicate notes. Add a personalized olfactory signature to create a unique experience, linked to the customer’s emotional state.

You can also create
fragrance free skin care products for even the most sensitive skin or for those who prefer a neutral scent.


Emuage is an innovative, ultra-versatile laboratory, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for creating new customized high-end offers and services:

institutes and spas

Benefit from the instantaneous services of a cosmetics laboratory at your salon. Create unique, personalized care proposals for your customers, based on your expertise.

Manufacture all types of treatments, choosing the right texture for your application or massage method, the active ingredients targeted according to your diagnosis, and the fragrance that will add a unique sensorial touch.


Emuage, an ergonomic mini-lab for your customers to take home a unique product!

Offer your customers an exclusive premium service, enabling them to make fresh, personalized cosmetics in your establishment, or even in their room. A unique, autonomous and intuitive experience that will contribute to make their stay unforgettable.


The Emuage mini-lab enables you to make massage oils by precisely dosing essential oils and fat-soluble active ingredients. The « Aromatherapy » carousel holds six capsules of essential oils or fat-soluble active ingredients, plus one capsule of thickening texturizer or SPF sunscreen.

Development of innovative uses

Emuage is a true mini-laboratory offering unique versatility. Capable of precision hot dosing and emulsification, Emuage can become, for example:

– An automated perfume creation machine. By choosing from top notes, middle notes and base notes, and thanks to an ethanol solution placed in the tank, create personalized fragrances for your customers.

– Become a customized foundation creation machine. By taking a photo of your customer, Emuage is able to create the exact shade.

– Etc.


100% of testers said their skin was hydrated,
nourished and regenerated, and looked younger.

95% of testers say their skin is more radiant,
firmer and lifted.

Emuage Rich anti-aging cream with immediate effect and youthful-skin anti-aging. Results after 28 days.
Use test on a panel of 20 people, and instrumental measurement test on D0 and D28 on 11 people.

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