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Your customised cosmetic products, freshly prepared at home in a couple of minutes!

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The Emuage App communicates with the machine and improves your user experience. You can use it to automatically find the list of products created and the manufacturing processes, print the list of ingredients and get suggestions for capsules based on your lifestyle.

La gamme

The skincare range

This range comprises very varied textures so that your skin can discover new sensations every time you create a new product.


All the oils in this range are plant-based and have been selected from organic, sustainable and fair-trade farming cooperatives. Just like for all ranges, you will have to choose the product ( ortexture), the active ingredients and the fragrance.

Let your imagination guide you and listen to your skin: what do you really need? A tiaré flower-scented anti-redness face elixir? A violet-scented anti-dark circle eye serum? Unless you prefer the brown sugar anti- spots liquid…  There’s also nothing stopping you from directly adding an lifting active ingredient to your creation for visible effects.

With more than 15 textures available when launched, 20 fragrances and 20 active cocktails, this range alone allows you to create more than 100,000 combinations!


La gamme

fond ecran responsive

The shower line

The aim of this extremely fun range is to treat you. Colourful textures, combined with original  fragrances, allow you to create imaginative products and to delve into a dreamlike world of your creation.

With a diverse selection of natural plant and fruit extracts, this range is also effective. Just measure it out to suit your needs. Want to add more shine to your hair? Want your skin to be left more hydrated when you get out of the shower? Want to protect the colour you’ve just put through your hair?


Shampoos, shower cream-gels, conditioners, milky oils, hair masks… be bewitched by the uniqueness and release the artist within you!


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Foire aux questions

  • Isn’t it bad for the environment to use capules to make cosmetic products?

    Our capsules are made out of completely recyclable PET plastic. So, it’s up to you to make this process environmentally-friendly! You just need to recycle the capsules, throwing them in the container for plastics. As for the bottle used to create the products, it’s made to be entirely reusable.

  • Why use this machine instead of just purchasing existing products on the market?

    For the same reason that people want to cook their own homemade meals rather than buying processed meals. Emuage allows you to really create fresh cosmetic products by directly emulsifying the raw materials with water. By using an airless bottle, as well as using the product directly, the amount of preservatives used is restricted to the necessary minimum. The molecules in the final product are intact and have not been interacting for several long months during storage. It is also the best way to customise your cosmetic products as you like by choosing the active ingredients, the fragrance, the texture... Finally, the user becomes free to choose the ingredients they want so as to move towards the natural.

  • How can I find out the ingredients of the products I make? Are they from natural sources?

    On our online shop (available soon), you can find a detailed description of each product with its list of ingredients, their origins and effectiveness. Emuage’s goal is to offer the biggest choice of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are not always sufficient if you want to obtain some specific effects, however where synthetic products are used, the description lists them clearly, and explains how safe they are to use. In any case, Emuage does not use petrochemical ingredients or substances that harm the environment, such as PEGs.

  • How long does it take to make a cosmetic product with Emuage ?

    It takes 3 to 10 minutes, but during that time you are free! Just insert the capsules, press the button and go about your business…

  • How can I be sure the cosmetic products are effective?

    The freshness of the product ensures that the molecules haven’t interacted much and remain at their most effective. Each active ingredient has undergone several tests with scientifically measurable results, the details of which are available on our website for each active ingredient.

  • I do not want any fragrance in my products because I have a sensitive skin. Is it possible?

    Simply use the touch screen to ‘Skip fragrance capsule’.

  • Isn’t it cheaper to buy existing products or to make cosmetics at home manually?

    It’s more expensive to buy pre-made cosmetic products. For equivalent quality, Emuage promises you a much better quality/price ratio compared to the current market. This is simply because you create your own cosmetic products and the capsules only contain raw ingredients. Making your cosmetics at home allows you to obtain the same cost reduction benefits but you need to be careful of the quantities you make and ensure the products are harmless!

  • I would like to combine several mixtures of active ingredients in some products. Is this possible?

    It is possible. You just need to select ‘Add additional active ingredient capsule’.